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In a world where we are all the time being confined into a box, being defined by people around us, and get stuck because those who surround us: our friends; family; acquaintances are actually the moral judge. A world that claps because we succeed but backstab us whenever it chooses to.
In that world, those who dream big and are bold enough to go out there and just do it are often misunderstood but always admired.

I am a student at the university of life, the qualification that I get is Experience. Experience to see that the people we loved the most are the ones who cause us so much pain. The people we trusted the most are those who end up walking out of our life. Experience of realizing that failing to meet someone’s expectation of you may result of that person dis-considering you.
Exploration, a word that sounds thousands of years old — But this video gives it a fresh breath. Enjoy the watch.

I am a student at the University of life, its education is free. We live to learn and learn to grow. At this university I have learned that we will always meet challenges and the moment we doubt our strength to deal with those challenges they start becoming obstacles. I have learned that there are certain people that regardless of how much we may like them or love them, they do not for sure deserve our trust!

I am a student, not a pro, not a master, not an hero. As a student I am taught to hate being perfect. But, the strangest thing is that my classmates although they know that I am a student, they will always expect too much from me. They expect you to do what they ask you to, they expect you to say it the way they want you to, they expect you to be a people pleaser and their sounding board. But, they don’t really care about you, except pretending it. And when you fail to meet their expectation, they dump you, they withdraw themselves from you. One small mistake is enough for them to change their attitude towards you, enough to forget everything you have been, done, shared etc. with them. Enough to walk away from you.
There is a saying that goes: seeing is believing. But in this video, seeing is understanding, is feeling!!

At the university of life we learn that it is practically not possible to materialize your dreams without being an unorthodox. Society is built with numerous rules about each thing, to such extent only an unconventional person or a free-spirit succeeds because they trust themselves, regardless of how and what anyone else says. They know who they are, they know what they want, they know how to do it, and their self-trust, is not because they believe they can, to the contrary it’s because they are determined. We are taught that what makes some people achieve their dreams and some not, reside on the fact that the former do not hesitate to break the rules.



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