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We aim to contribute to the improvement of human mindsets and the empowerment of vulnerable people.

Tracey Calvert-Joshua : Director  

Tracey holds a PhD in Bioinformatics and is a bioinformatician for Africa CDC. However, she is by nature a lifelong philosopher and a chronic tinkerer. She loves the wisdom of yesteryear, but also welcomes all disciplines of innovation, and loves data in all its forms. She is an independent author, international course creator and facilitator with COG-UK, WHO and the Africa CDC, and she owns her own e-commerce store, where she sells motivational items. For this reason, it is not surprising that her interest in Execution lies in the areas of education and Afropreneurship.

John Moyin : Public Health Program Director   

Moyin holds a PhD in Statistics and she is a statistics coach with a focus on assessing the impact of education and employment on economic competitiveness among regions. Expertise by research, functionality and comparative advantages among regions.
She is extremely motivated by challenges, increased responsibilities, and career growth opportunities, thereby contributing meaningful growth to any organization.

Claude Lubamba : Director

Claude is a PhD fellow full stack software developer and an Executive member of EXECUTION  South Africa.
Interests also include Sensor networks and smart devices, Big data, data science, data analysis, mathematical and statistical analysis and modeling and volunteerism.
Part-time, he enjoys learning new things, reading a book or two, hiking, traveling where possible, studying and most importantly, sharing the little knowledge he has acquired from reading and from others.


Serge Zitu Makali : Director

Zitu is an Information Technology Professional currently working at Gijima as a Technical Specialist in the Unified Communication and Collaboration (Microsoft Division) team. As part of his skill-set, he is able to assess an environment, analyze the findings, design a solution and implement it accordingly. He enjoys being part of a team and sharing knowledge as he believes working together not only contribute to the team’s progress but also contributes to one’s personal growth. He has experienced in multiple technologies such as SCCM, Exchange, Skype for Business and has good problem solving skills.


Jonathan Santu : Finance

Jonathan has a Bachelors in Financial Information Systems from CPUT.  He is an honest, dedicated, hardworking, and prompt individual, who takes pride in his work. He currently works as a fraud Analyst and Technical Support Engineer in the E-commerce industry. His positive personality, quick learning abilities, and work ethic makes him a valuable asset to his team. He enjoys Accounting, taxation, auditing and has experience in management of finance within the organization.

Justin Munyakazi : Team Assistance

Justin PhD and associate professor of mathematics and applied mathematics at UWC, has years of teaching experience in the higher education sector, as well as research experience in numerical analysis and mathematical modeling. He has supervised a number of Masters and PhD candidates. Besides his publications in numerical analysis, he has also published works in the area of mathematical epidemiology of malaria and COVID-19. He also serves the global academic community as a referee for several applied mathematics journals, PhD theses examiner, assessor of grant and promotion applications. He also has great experience working closely with NPOs and supervising projects in the area of education.

Ben Muteba : International Coordinator

Ben is a versatile data scientist who enjoys casting problems into generic computational solutions to catalyze efficiencies in data-driven discovery. He is an AI and Machine Learning Engineer, providing data-driven, action-oriented solutions to challenging business and research problems. He is a business-minded Data Engineer with a demonstrated ability to deliver data driven products and valuable insights via data analytics and advanced data-driven methods. He is an investor and Afropreneur with MSc in Bioinformatics And Data Science.

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