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In life, everything has a season! A farmer who understands seasons, knows how best a season should be used. Along with this analogy, a question arises, what do you do during your dark season?

— True Education —

Human life is meant to encounter great distress. It is designed to endure tragic loss…hopelessness. It is built to feel lost, to feel overwhelmed. And to this we can add it is created to handle darkness.
This happens so that we can find within ourselves that which is difficult to see: the universal truth is that behind the depth of darkness there is an opportunity for re-creation!
In the midst of darkness, your world forgets that — this too shall pass. Your soul’s dark skies are blocking out the light of freedom, of creation, of a new destiny. The dark storm brings so much darkness to your life that you forget — behind every storm resides the clearest brightest of skies. And that just as with any storm, this too shall pass!

Born to Fail Ep.1

But before the “this too shall pass”, what do you do when this dark season has prevented the world from watching you?
What do you do during your dark season when no one is watching you?

Do you use this season to create, reinforce your alibis, or do you use this moment to learn to work for the love of work?
Truth be told, when you are busy creating alibis, others are working for expansion. When you are wasting this moment coming up with excuses, others are working for self-transformation, for pride, for personal growth!

Because just like any storm, this too shall pass! And when it passes will it leave you with hope, answers, and opportunities, or will it leave you with hardship, tribulations and difficulties?

Your dark season is not asking you to see what is not there. But it is reminding you that your body, your spirit and your soul are created from the same elements as the stars, the moons, and suns. It reminds you that you are the creator of critical thinking, and that this is the moment for you to practice self-analysis.

Because when the dark storm passes, your work will show. Whether you have been taking it easy, playing around, convincing yourself that you simply can’t do the work, or actually putting in the work that is needed. When the storm passes, your work will show! Your true self will show! Your new destiny will show!

This too shall pass! But before it passes, the question remains; during your dark season, did you create alibis or did you execute?

Residential Area of Goma

Because what you do when everyone has ignored you because of this dark season, will most likely define what destiny you will create for yourself!!



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