You are your own prison. Set yourself free.

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Imagine the iconic image we usually see of someone crying for help in a locked prison while the key to the gate is right behind him on the floor. He is too busy asking for help to notice that he has the opportunity of freedom right there within reach.

Imagine African government leaders taking loans from Europeans, Americans and Asian financial institutions to build roads in exchange for our raw mineral resources. Imagine Africa, the continent possessing the largest quantities of precious minerals and natural resources on earth, yet it arguably ranks as the most indebted continent on earth. Imagine that, just imagine ….
He left his full time job in South Africa and Returned back to His home country to Build this.

If we do not revolutionize the African mindset right now, then there is no hope for the African continent. But if we rise up, motivate our peers, empower and conscientize them, then we can make them aware of the power that they hold in their hands. Africa, stop asking for a pinch of salt in exchange for a load of your raw mineral resources. Africa, stop being the continent with the most malnutrition cases when you have great seasons, vast lands for farming and an unspeakable variety of vegetables, fruits and everything else.If you are not revolutionized by now, there is no hope. Africa, Set yourself free. Africa, Black child, you are your own prison, look around you, within you and in you, take the key, and break free. Your freedom is right in the palm of your hand. Stop waiting for salvation to just appear, you are your own salvation. With determined and oriented action, Africa will rise up, – Africa will thrive, — and Africa will be great AGAIN.
This Young Lady From The US, left America and returned back home to build her OWN Business


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