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Disclaimer: This post is not to throw anybody under the bus. But rather, its purpose is to let the future generation know what the current generation went through.
In the shadow of uncertainty, the major lesson one learns is to not subscribe to or align oneself with anybody or anything that’s not on one’s purpose or doesn’t go in the direction that one is going.
This is real talk. No sugarcoating – as it is what it is. I am humbly convinced that I am the perfect person to put these words down because this is my truth. It’s my life, it’s my experience, it’s my journey. And I acknowledge that I came from a generation and a race, and a community that does not value reading or writing their life’s journey. And for that, at no point of my life, have I ever expected to gain or have the support of a community that is struggling with an identity crisis.
The Second beautiful Suburb of Kinshasa

There is a need to have a conversation about family. We put too much emphasis on the importance of blood and family as far as our decision making and the things that we do every single day. And I am attempting to take that out of the equation. I am not going to break out or even imply that my family did not have people who have impacted me in my life. Especially, being a person who was raised in a church. I am not going to say that the people that I subjected myself to as I was growing up did not contribute to the molding and shaping of the person that I have become. Rather, I am going to point out that in the same vein that I can give very few of them credit for some of the ways in which I think today, I also have to give them credit for some of the things that held me back from being great that I now use as fuel in my current life.

The truth is that if it was up to a lot of my family, I should not air out our dirty laundry. Again I am not ragging on my family, but I am using myself as an example to illustrate a point. It’s easy to talk in generalizations. But it’s much more impactful to be specific and to use my own life’s journey as an example, before I advise the future generation on anything. I will never tell the future generation anything that I am not already doing or have not already overcome, or implemented, or manifested myself. And this helps the future generation to trust me as a source of truth. I am from a place where people put too much emphasis and give too much loyalty and dedication to people, just because they are part of their bloodline.
Cape Town The Mother City — See this breath-taking city for yourself.

Our own parents, our own family is the source of what is holding us back. Feeling like we have an obligation to them, holds us back in the extreme. This is known as black tax. It is what it is, and I am simply telling the truth. What makes you think that your family is different from anybody else? Because they all look like you? Or have the same name as you? You are unique! You are the only you who ever existed since the existence of the universe. And this alone should let you know that you are different to anybody on earth, starting with your own family. If you have to elevate yourself, if you want to get to the next level, if you want to dedicate yourself to a direction that is going to be conducive for your life, it’s imperative that you understand that your family may not have your best interest at heart. Some of them will, but don’t be naive, a lot of them don’t! A lot of them don’t even understand the direction that you are going in.
Outside of the Capital Kinshasa — We find a very beautiful resort in Zongo with a breath-taking Waterfall.

They don’t understand that you want to marry somebody that may not look like you. That may not align with what they feel is the ideal person for you. When deep down you understand that this person is best for you. They may not understand that you might need to leave and travel the world, so that you can see other things. Because deep down you understand that the world is bigger than your neighborhood, than your community, than your culture, than your tradition, than your country. And the reason why they don’t get it, is because what they know it’s all they know. And they are not comfortable with you renewing your mind and working on your Self. Because it will make you move in the direction that’s not aligned with their view of what they feel a family should do or be. — They are simply leeches. And again, that’s not everybody, that’s not all family members or all families.

There are people who propel you. Who encourage you and want you to go and travel the world and explode into a different radiant being. But, for the majority they will hardly even reach out to you and encourage you in your becoming. Some of us come from a large family, and I can guarantee you that they don’t even want to read or watch anything that you do. They would rather watch and read some other people’s content, rather than watching and reading your content. Because they don’t want to support you at all. They don’t want to support you, because deep down they are jealous of you and are afraid that if you get somewhere, they will be viewed as failed people. In life, most of the people that are going to check up on you, are not going to be the people that are related to you or connected to you as far as lineage and blood are concerned. It’s the people that align with you and what’s in you. Those are the people that are going to rock with you. Most of the time people that are going to support you in any given endeavor, be it business venture, ideas, anything…may not know you!
In this video we bring you to an unexploited part of Kinshasa where one can buy land at a much cheaper price. Beautiful sceneries and the sound of fresh air.

Some of your biggest supporters may not have met you yet, but they will be closer to you than many of your own family members; as much as I hate to say this, but I have to, for the future generation’s sake. The people who are not related to you, will show you support that you may never be able to get from your blood relatives. It is based on these life’s experiences that I have come to the understanding that family is people who align with you, with your growth, with your self-transformation, your vision, and your purpose on earth. This doesn’t mean my family members are bad people. But this does mean that we are growing in two different directions! We are on two separate paths and that’s absolutely okay. We can love each other, and we can move in these different directions and elevate ourselves. But the truth is that my circumstances were not, and are still not perfect. And it is my soul’s duty to make myself as close to perfection as possible. I have the obligation to continuously work on myself, every single day. And this makes people not want you to win sometimes.
Maluku is the last suburb and the biggest of Kinshasa, followed by N’sele. Untouched places. Unexploited and pure lands can be seen and felt from this video.

Don’t get me wrong, this is not a rant on my family. Again, I am using it to springboard these realities to the future generation. And to emphasize that it’s not just you, but it’s all of us. If you go and ask your family for a loan, or to help fund your business idea or support you, or if you were going to ask them now to like your social media page or subscribe to your channel, they will give you all the reasons and excuses and it’s going to be more of a fight than if you just go ahead and build that platform on your own. You will be surprised how people from your bloodline, those who were raised with you, will discourage you and tell you to be quiet or to be content with the little that you have or are. Others will tell you all those unfounded facts in order to let your platform idea, or business idea die. And the onus is on you to not make time for that. I had to go down fighting for most of my life, because families thought they knew what was best for me and how I should live my life. Even when I knew deep down in my heart what my calling was. So, what happened is that the support dwindles. And when the support dwindles, you find yourself in the shadow of uncertainty, where you turn into a beast. Either you dwindle and die or you propel yourself to being great. And that’s what I did. And there is no person in my atmosphere who is related to me from a blood perspective, who can touch me financially, emotionally, let alone spiritually.
Stop letting family or people who look like you hold you back, hold you hostage, or make you pay that black tax, that is preventing you from truly living your true purpose. I am not preaching separatism. This is objectivism!!!! Go amongst the people who are actually going in the direction that you are going, because that’s spirituality. And spirituality is more powerful and important than blood!
In the so-called developed world, the images in this video may be unthinkable. But the energy which can be felt from this video does not exist in the developed world.

Because, if you don’t propel yourself –  again I am not saying nobody is in your corner –  I am saying your biggest supporters are not going to be people who look like you or are related to you. However, they will be the people that rock with you and identify with you on a soul level. Find your soulmates and build a tribe. And at the level of soul, most of the time, those people you will meet may not have the same color or the same names, or language as you. They will be people who usually look completely different from you. And leave behind you all those leeches who think you owe them an explanation!



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