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Once again, just like with AIDS, HIV, Malaria, Typhoid, Yellow Fever, TB, Ebola etc., black folks are the most affected. COVID-19 has joined the list of diseases for which the majority of deaths are blacks!
The truth is, POVERTY is the destructive cause of black lives! So, some people blame white folks and demand reparations. Some people blame witches. Some look up to God or religion to get out of poverty. And some blame their parents and their governments.

Only those who have experienced poverty understand how going through it makes one totally invisible in every single way. It makes one believe that life is about surviving and one has no idea about the fact that life is about thriving. Poverty messes up one’s vision to a point where one can go through life with absolutely no vision for their life. As all they are concerned with it’s simply surviving. You —
I came from absolute, total, abject poverty! And no one and nothing on earth has brought me so much suffering and humiliation as poverty!
The state of extreme poverty teaches the soul that misery is instilled into your DNA. It instructs the mind to be passive and remain indifferent.

Poverty makes one forcibly believe that you are subhuman. It genetically mutates the existential power of the mental estate. And this leads people to develop a willingness to tolerate poverty.

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Once the mental estate has been destroyed, often at a very young age, when parents are our safe haven, at this very young age we crumble under the mess of doomed circumstances, and we are taught to accept whatever life rewards us with, without protest.

And generation after generation we learn that when it comes to financial and material estates, poor people cannot be trusted! And poverty therefore becomes the biggest and most powerful generational curse!

And the power of this generational curse renders us mentally lazy. And mental laziness engenders all the mental erroneous zones, such as blaming, procrastination, indecision, lack of self esteem, self doubt, indifference, too much blind faith, lack of initiative and imagination and so forth.

Since poverty is the most powerful generational curse, it is easy to blame white folks, slavery, colonization, massacres, engineered diseases, parents, family members, governments, religions and so on.

When one rises and chooses to not blame….to not blame anyone or anything, some black folks accuse this one of suffering from self-hatred. However, the truth is, when you are in poverty, the only remaining mental power that can bring you out of poverty is SELF-ANALYSIS!

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Self-analysis and blame are mutually exclusive. Once one starts blaming anyone or anything for whatsoever reason, the blamer loses the power of self-analysis, and with this, critical thinking is annihilated! And poverty becomes a vicious cycle!

The power to break free from poverty is self-analysis. With self-analysis comes critical thinking, and with critical thinking comes the power to reject the life that was given to you! And once you refuse and reject the life that was given to you, if you persist and remain consistent, your mental estate will start conceiving the first form of an impulse of thoughts. And this impulse of thoughts directed by critical thinking will start little by little, to transform itself into its physical equivalent, its material equivalent and its financial equivalent!

To the next generation, this is how you break free from poverty!



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