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Cape Town – The Mother City. One of the most beautiful cities in the world, with its Table Mountain, one of the New Seven Wonders of the world.

You may be struggling to find a job. You may be depressed because you were fired from your job. You may feel stuck because things are not working the way you wanted them to. You may feel like quitting because your business (idea) is not working. Here is a message of hope: THE PROCESS GIVES YOU FOUNDATION. Struggle always gives birth to progress and creativity and reinvention. Because truth be told, you are greater than anything life can throw at you.

So, don’t focus on the fact that you don’t have the right contacts or right people or support needed for you to break through. Recycle your energy. Change the plan, but do not change your goal. Change your input mechanism; look at depression, stress, anxiety, fear, panic, phobia, and tell them that either they recycle their energy from being toxic against you or you will die with them.

Bo-Kaap is home to the Cape Malays which occupy these colorful houses. The Cape Malays have their origin in many Asian countries like India and Indonesia (including Malaysia, of course). The candy colors are a reinvention of the community as a rainbow nation, and as an expression of liberation after the apartheid years. Nearby is the historic Noon Gun on Signal Hill that used to work as a time signal for sailors to check their marine chronometers, while waiting out the storm. Today, the cannon still fires daily at noon sharp as an ongoing tradition and celebration of the nation’s history.


Then, take a deep breath again and again. Feed as much as air into your lungs as you can. Become aware of all the parts of your body — direct your inner attention to all the parts of your body, even to your toenails. Feel them. And do it again and again, — you will start feeling a new fresh energy — it’s the recycled energy required to see past the challenges that you are facing. Go ahead and change your plan, but do not change your goal.

Be patient with the process. Be patient with yourself. You may probably not have anybody around you who will walk with you through this journey, because it is THE ROAD LESS TRAVELLED. Our brain is wired to protect us against pain. Every time hardship knocks at our door, we stress, we worry, we languish, because our brain is designed to protect us and suddenly it finds itself failing to do so.
Cape Town reclines on a sunny peninsula on South Africa’s glittering southwest coast. Here, outdoorsy types can explore the rugged trails of the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve. Adrenaline junkies can abseil down the soaring Table Mountain, while those seeking relaxation can find it on the silver sands of Blouberg Beach. The city’s vibrant blend of cultures is best sampled in a local restaurant or lively market, while its past can be discovered in numerous historical landmarks. A trip to Robben Island, the prison where Nelson Mandela was once held, makes for a somber yet captivating experience.


Maybe, you are going through a hard time in your marriage, relationship, school, work, business, etc. That is okay. Just remain focused on your goal, because to outlive your current life, you have to embrace pain. You need to be willing to do and to go through what many do not want to go through. That is how you will become or obtain what others won’t have tomorrow. So, take a deep breath. Just breathe— and recycle your energy.



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