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Due to being both aware of, and the victims of doom mask denial about real problems and the multifaceted crisis that is ravaging the Continent of Africa, its impact on the living conditions of its residents across several areas (e.g., socio-economic, educational, mental, etc.);
Considering the premature abandonment of children’s education by their parents who lack the necessary resources;

Considering, the delinquency of unemployed young people;
Considering, the desperate lack of public health which makes its home in poorer areas and the resurgence of dirty hands diseases;
Considering the lack of supervision and care for children called “street children”;
We have resolved to participate in the recovery of the well-being of all African residents,
To remain united in cultivating love for its homeland, in altruism and in distributive politics,
We are determined to encourage any form of and/or working structure to fight against any form of impunity which plagues Africa,
Our desire is to put to the benefit of the collective conscience the republican values of loving, respecting and honoring the continent by all means,
We have therefore decided, for the realization of our project, to create on this day a non-governmental organization.
To this end, the college of founders proposed in a general meeting and have unanimously adopted the Statutes relating to the creation, organization and operation, of the hereby named: EXECUTION.



Ellen Sorenson : Director 

Ellen is an Experienced Operations Administrator with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Skilled in the Apple Platform, CRM software, Chain Management, Nonprofit Organizations, Event Planning, Sustainability and Volunteer Management. Strong information technology professional with an undergraduate degree focused in International Geography from University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. Manager, Technical Support.


Abdul-H Mustapha : Director

Abdul is third year student at St. Cloud State, majoring in Social Work with a minor in Biology. Since his freshman year, he has been involved with the Council of African American Students, a cultural organization on campus. He is currently serving as the Vice President. Pursuing higher education is a passion for Abdul-Hakeem, as he strives to help change the lives of the less fortunate and push for small changes that yield big impacts in the future.


Xavier Grah : Director

Xavier is currently a university student majoring in International Business. His culturally diverse background made it easy for him to be able to speak different languages like French, Spanish, and Korean. While he is in school, he is learning the expertise to become a successful businessman. He hopes that he will be able to use these skills in the field of marketing or management down his career path.


Bryan Larson : Team Assistance

Bryan is a Senior Data Engineer at Minnesota State University, Mankato, USA.
He holds a BSc in Computer and Information Sciences.




Mahomet  Njoya : Team Afropreneuriat

Mahomet is a Machine Learning Consultant, with demonstrated experience in data-driven Software Development, Energy Management, and Research and Development.  He holds a Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering and has published several research papers in different topics including Chemical Engineering, Bioprocessing, Water Reclamation, and Renewable Energy Harvesting from biomass.  In his spare time, he enjoys reading, exercising, visiting new places, and spending quality time with his family.


Ben Muteba : International Coordinator

Ben is a versatile data scientist who enjoys casting problems into generic computational solutions to catalyze efficiencies in data-driven discovery. He is an AI and Machine Learning Engineer, providing data-driven, action-oriented solutions to challenging business and research problems. He is a business-minded Data Engineer with a demonstrated ability to deliver data driven products and valuable insights via data analytics and advanced data-driven methods. He is an investor and Afropreneur with a MSc in Bioinformatics – Data Science.