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How does one become successful, considering the premature abandonment of children’s education by their parents who lack the necessary resources, and by the students themselves who lack a vision. Due to being both aware of, and the victims of doom mask denial about real problems and the multifaceted crisis that is ravaging the Republic of South Africa, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, its impact on the living conditions of its residents across several areas (e.g., socio-economic, educational, mental, etc.);

How does one become successful in this environment?

We held these seminars at the University of the Western Cape in South Africa, the University of Kinshasa, Protestants University of Kinshasa, University of Pedagogy and University of Commerce in Congo.

They were all successful events with a good turnaround. We are aiming to keep these events going on each year and to empower more people. This is an ongoing project and Execution relies solely on internal funders so far to run any of its projects. But we are looking for various ways to get funded so that we can uplift the living condition of millions across the broad. Please do not hesitated to help out.


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