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The dream of most young African students’ is simply to study, to get a degree, then a job, and finally, to save up for retirement. At the age of around 60, they retire and cash in on their retirement funds, if they even have any. This is also what most educators teach them in schools, and higher institutions. I personally experienced this numerous times at university, as one of my lecturers told us that “good marks will get us good jobs”. This expected life is being conditioned into most young people’s brains. 

We were conditioned to believe that getting a job means your employer is doing you a favor. However, what this really is, is an exchange of one’s time, energy, and health for an insignificant salary. This is especially true for us Africans who mostly come from a relatively poor background.  In addition to being taught to work hard instead of working smart, young Africans think that once they have a job, they should immediately buy a car and wear designer clothing to show off and to prove they have made it. Is this really all there is to a successful life?
The most peaceful and beautiful place in Kinshasa – Congo | La Boheme de Maluku

This is how people often find themselves chained in this socioeconomic prison. But they have the key out of it within their possession. However, the majority are unaware or unconscious of this economic bondage because they are unaware of their true potential. 

This is a call for economic revolution. We want our people, particularly our African youth, to rise up and free themselves from this poor economic mindset. 

We call for a shift in mindset from study ->degree ->job ->retire ->death to education ->empowerment ->job creation ->leaving a legacy. 

It’s time for Africans to think outside of the box. To use our intelligence and skills to boost the economic growth of our continent. We bear within us the capacity to transform our beloved Africa into a land of opportunities, as most are unaware that they do indeed exist in Africa. This shift is dependent on each of us playing our part. We must take the key into our own hands; we must free ourselves from this economical prison and leave a life of legacy.
Mont – Ngafula; The future of Kinshasa

Share your knowledge, teach what you have been taught. Invest in Africa by buying African produced products, resources and land. Think about your everyday actions like not littering for public health’s sake. READ, read, and read some more. Extend your hand to those at risk. A wise man once told me, “If you lived your life without impacting at least one single person, you have lived a meaningless life“. Wake up young Africans! Start living a meaningful, purpose filled life because the power to do so lies in your hands.


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